Good Sweat celebrates six months

Founder and first-time entrepreneur Ali Hashemi shares six secrets every entrepreneur should know

This week, Good Sweat (Rosslyn’s local social impact spin studio) is celebrating six months of being open with a happy hour on Friday, October 18, at Quinn’s on the Corner. Join them at 6 p.m. for the celebration. For every friend you bring, you get a raffle ticket! Happy-hour specials will be available for the Good Sweat group until 8 p.m.!

Good Sweat is an indoor cycling studio at 1711 Wilson Boulevard that offers 45-minute challenging classes that feel like a party on a bike! You will leave feeling energized. Founder of Good Sweat Ali Hashemi began her journey to open the studio all the way back in 2017. Good Sweat opened in April 2019. Here are the top six secrets she wishes all entrepreneurs shared:

  1. It takes time to become cash-flow positive. 
    Unless you have a huge investor backing you, big cash prizes from competitions, or an enormous savings account to cash in on…be mentally prepared to be in the red for a while. Get comfortable with taking risks and losing money to start in return for the long-term gains that come in the future.
  2. A strong support system is key for survival.
    If you want to start your own business, make sure your personal life is on solid ground. No one’s home life is perfect, but having a supportive partner or loved one who is willing to hold things down and be patient while you turn your life upside down is so important.
  3. You have to be decisive without others weighing in.
    Most people are used to being able to bounce ideas off of colleagues, but when you’re an entrepreneur oftentimes it’s inappropriate to over-share with staff. So get ready to fly solo and bug your friends, family and significant other for advice.
  4. Overnight success is a myth.
    Most businesses take years to achieve success. The entrepreneurs you read about or see in the media have been around for years, and it can seem like they succeeded off the bat. But the ones who are in the struggle phase of a start-up are certainly not the ones you find out about until after their businesses grow.
  5. Balance is not real.
    Something always has got to give. Entrepreneurs who talk about how they balance a full night’s sleep, work, family and self are lying, because balance is not always possible. There’s always something you have to sacrifice. You have to make time for what you prioritize.
  6. If you’re not failing daily, you’re not trying.
    No one likes to feel like a failure, but you can’t stop moving forward and you have to remember that failing fast is good for business. Keep making mistakes—just don’t make the same one twice.  

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Ali Hashemi, fourth from left, with her team. All photos by Setarra Kennedy.

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