Survey brings Rosslyn into focus

Results of 2016 Rosslyn Perception Survey will help shape future planning

Late last year, the Rosslyn BID asked residents, workers and other stakeholders to complete a brief, five-minute survey about their perceptions of Rosslyn. We were incredibly gratified by the high number of responses we received: More than 900 people took the survey, demonstrating to us just how much people care about this neighborhood. Thank you so much for sharing your views with us! We will use this information to continue our efforts to make Rosslyn a better place to live, work and play. 

We want to share with you a brief overview of survey findings. You can find a more detailed report of survey results here.


  • The majority of survey respondents were between 21 and 29 years old (37%).
  • Most survey respondents came from a household size of two (43%).
  • 49% of respondents had a bachelor's degree and 44% a master's degree.
  • The highest percentage of respondents reported a household income of $200K+ (20%).

Feelings about Rosslyn

  • 94% of residents said they felt strongly positive or somewhat positive about Rosslyn as a place to live.
  • 85% of workers felt strongly positive or somewhat positive about Rosslyn as a place to work.
  • 71% of visitors felt strongly positive or somewhat positive about Rosslyn as a place to dine.

Key areas of interest

After analyzing the data, three key areas emerged as the focus of most respondents' feelings about Rosslyn.

  • Convenience + Access  Respondents felt overwhelmingly positive about Rosslyn's all-points accessibility. Residents said Rosslyn's accessibility was a major factor in their decision to live here.
  • Restaurants + Food  Many expressed enthusiasm about Rosslyn's growing number of restaurants (the neighborhood has added 15 restaurants over the past three years). They said they wanted even more sit-down establishments and places that were open late. There was also interest in more retail and grocery options in Rosslyn.
  • Neighborhood Experience  Survey respondents cared about the neighborhood and wanted opportunities to be involved in the community by shopping at local businesses, volunteering and participating in community events. Favorite Rosslyn BID events referenced were the Holiday Market Festival + Bonfire, Rosslyn Cinema and Rosslyn Jazz Fest. 

Respondents were asked to share the top three words they'd use to describe Rosslyn. The most chosen words were: Clean, Accessible, Convenient, Business, Diverse and Busy.

Looking to the future

Survey respondents were also asked to share words describing what they would like to see incorporated in the future vision of Rosslyn. The most popular words were: Options, Retail, Variety, Nightlife and Affordable Housing.

Thank you again to everyone who took our survey. Stay tuned this spring as we begin incorporating this data into our strategic planning process and brainstorm additional ways to enhance our community and meet your needs.

 Featured Rosslyn Events

FRESHFARM Rosslyn Farmers Market
Wednesday, May 22 - Wednesday, October 30
at Central Place Plaza

Rosslyn Putt-Putt + Candy BAR
Friday, June 21 - Saturday, August 31
at Rosslyn Putt-Putt + Candy BAR

Summer Bootcamp
Monday, August 5 - Friday, August 30
at Gateway Park