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Hillside Park

1601 N Pierce St
Arlington, VA 22209


Enjoy this passive one-acre park with benches in urban setting. In an attempt to provide long term, sustainable and ‘green’ solutions for County parks, many design, construction and best management practices are being utilized and implemented in our most recent projects.

At Hillside Park, great emphasis was made in preserving the existing tree canopy and the unique ‘Urban Forest’. Careful consideration was given in selecting the materials and methods for construction in an attempt to minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive impact to the site. Permeable paving and elevated decks helped lessen the impact to existing tree roots, as well as minimize soil and habitat disturbance. Likewise, storm water runoff is allowed to naturally drain into the surface, promoting infiltration of rainwater and helping to clean and recharge the groundwater. Read more about the Green Practices at Hillside.

- Information courtesy of Arlington Parks Department
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