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Transportation Study

About the Study

In 2015, the Arlington County Board adopted the Rosslyn Sector Plan, which included a multimodal transportation vision set forth by the community. In 2017 the County’s Transportation Division, in partnership with the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID), initiated the Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study to assess the feasibility and potential impacts of the proposed changes to the transportation network included in the Rosslyn Sector Plan leading up to the year 2030.

After two years of thorough analysis and public engagement, County staff finalized the study’s Preferred Alternative, which lays out a set of projects to be built by 2030 that will move Rosslyn closer to the transportation vision outlined in the Rosslyn Sector Plan.

The Final Report, which describes the project process, the alternatives considered, and the prioritized implementation plan for the proposed projects is now available on the Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study page. The website also contains supporting data, documentation, and public feedback summaries.

Study Goals

This study examined the feasibility and potential impacts of permanent changes to the street network in the core of Rosslyn, with the goals of improving safety and accessibility for all users—those walking, biking, using transit and driving.

The study’s goals included:

  • Evaluating multimodal design concepts (Concept 1 then Concept 2)
  • Measuring how each concept achieves the Sector Plan goals
  • Engaging the public and stakeholders
  • Adopting a 2030 Preferred Alternative concept composed of individual projects that will move through the County’s design process
  • Sequencing those projects to create a fluid network transition into 2030
  • Identifying improvements that go beyond 2030 to continue realizing the Rosslyn Sector Plan in the future

Preferred Alternative

In 2019 the project team arrived at a Preferred Alternative that was provided to the community for review and comment. The Preferred Alternative applies lessons learned and public input from Concepts 1 and 2 to better balance multimodal operations.

The Preferred Alternative includes the following major projects, which stem directly from the Rosslyn Sector Plan, to be constructed during the next 10 years:

  • Incremental conversion of Fort Myer Drive to a two-way street once the tunnel is closed.
  • Removal of the Fort Myer Drive Tunnel to increase pedestrian crossing options (access to Metro) over Fort Myer Drive and to help reduce vehicle speeds in the Rosslyn urban core.
  • Emphasis on enhancing the bicycle network within the Rosslyn core by including continuous, protected bicycle/scooter facilities on Fort Myer Drive, North Lynn Street, Nash Street, and Wilson Boulevard. These connections within the Rosslyn core will also serve to enhance connections to major regional bike routes.
  • Enhancing the pedestrian experience through the removal of slip lanes, enhancement of 18 existing or new crosswalks, and inclusion of wider sidewalks.
  • Reconfiguration and signalization of the intersection of westbound US-50 and Meade Street to allow for northbound traffic flow on Fort Myer Drive and to improve pedestrian and bicycle access.

View the Preferred Alternative map.

Community Engagement & Next Steps

The Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study team’s engagement strategy was designed with the goal of generating meaningful dialogue between the study team, the public and stakeholders on transportation issues related to the assessment and design processes. Throughout the study process, a diverse group of stakeholders and engagement milestones helped to guide the study team in identifying community desires, generating solutions and building acceptance for the proposed transportation network improvements.

The Final Report and Implementation Plan is not the end for public input and feedback. The community and stakeholders of Rosslyn have been involved in the County’s planning process from the Sector Plan through the Core Study and will continue with each project resulting from the Core Study as it moves through design and implementation. As each project in the Preferred Alternative moves forward, the County will continue to engage with the community and share project updates.

Stay Informed

To learn more about the Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study and stay informed, visit the study page for updates.