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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body for the Rosslyn Business Improvement Corporation and provides strategic direction for BID staff. This governing body is composed of representatives from various property owner groups (including commercial and residential), commercial tenants, retail establishments and representatives appointed by the Arlington County Board.

Executive Committee & Officers

  • Chairman: Cy Kouhestani
  • Vice Chairman: Tim Helmig
  • Treasurer: Curt Large
  • Assistant Treasurer: Molly Fogarty
  • Secretary: Matt Carlin
  • At Large: Shannon Flanagan-Watson
  • At Large: Peter N. Greenwald


Property Owners
  • Gould Property Company: Meera Friemel
  • Dittmar Company: Robert M. Bushkoff
  • Penzance Companies: Peter N. Greenwald
  • Snell Properties Inc: Chris Hanessian
  • Altus Realty: Gordon Fraley
  • The Meridian Group: Wil Machen
  • Monday Properties: Jennifer Burns
  • Monday Properties: Tim Helmig
  • JLL Mid-Atlantic Property Management Group: Leigh Carter
  • Brookfield Office Properties: Cy Kouhestani
  • American Real Estate Partners: Paul Schulman
Commercial Tenants
  • Grant Thornton: Greg Wallig 
  • NestlĂ©: Molly Fogarty
  • Politico: Traci Schweikert
  • UVA Darden: Jennifer Halpin
  • Northeastern University: Jamie Jones Miller
  • Pioneer Ventures LLC: Curt Large
  • Metropolitan Hospitality Group: Matt Carlin
  • Turnberry Tower Residences: Mary O'Connor 
  • Waterview: Jim Mathews
Appointed County Board Representatives
  • Arlington County: Shannon Flanagan-Watson
  • Resident: Patricia Darneille, RAFOM
  • Resident: Sara Carioscia, 1800 Oak Apartments
  • Resident: James Derr, Evo Apartments
  • Manager: Min Shin, Greystar
Arlington County Board Liaison

Christian Dorsey

County Staff Liaison

Val Weiner, Commercial Development Specialist, Arlington County Department of Economic Development

Additional Information

Find approved minutes from the October 2022 Board of Directors meeting here.

View a copy of our bylaws here.