Welcome to Rosslyn

In the heart of the D.C. area, Rosslyn's active streets, bold cultural influences and frequent community events drive the business and social interactions that foster a dynamic, urban community.

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There's a lot to like about Rosslyn's brand-new Open Kitchen

Jeff Kim and Sara Choi, former owners of Rosslyn's popular Skywalk Café, have opened a new establishment in Arlington Tower, Open Kitchen, where they serve delicious, home-cooked food in a modern and comfortable space. More 

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One place at a time

Artist Linny Giffin is spending a week on Central Place Plaza installing 800 silk leaves under the glass pergola. Her third creative project for Rosslyn, it's part of a broader placemaking strategy designed to establish connections between people and the neighborhood's public spaces. More 

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Cool Treats

Looking for ways to satisfy your sweet tooth and beat the heat? Well then, you've come to the right place! Compiled for your ease is a list of our favorite places in Rosslyn to get refreshing and cool sweet treats to satisfy any mood or craving. More