O2: Outdoor Office

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Welcome to a new open-air, open-mind way of working. Welcome to HQ O2.

Work has evolved, and so has Gateway Park.

About O2:

So, what exactly is O2? In one breath: Rosslyn’s new outdoor office concept located in Gateway Park, where teamwork and productivity thrive. Reservations are required but they're free! 

O2 is Outdoor:

Prioritizing safety and productivity, O2 leverages existing infrastructure and natural elements to create a dynamic business-meets-fresh-air environment.

O2 is Convenient:

Centrally-located and publicly-accessible, O2 offers an outdoor working environment and seamless user experience — including an easy-to-use reservation system, a simple sign-in and sign-on process, and trained staff onsite to maintain streamlined operations and sanitize workstations.

O2 is Community:

Inviting and easy-to-use spaces foster a comfortable and connected work atmosphere at O2. From open-air meeting areas to engaging office-inspired activations, Rosslyn’s newest headquarters is a synergistic and refreshing extension of the indoor office.

O2 is a Breath of Fresh Air:

With a vision that centers around wellness — mental, physical, and social — O2 is a retreat for weary professionals looking for a productivity-inspiring change of scenery.


O2 is conveniently located in Rosslyn’s Gateway Park (1300 Lee Hwy, at the base of Key Bridge). With a combination of natural and urban Rosslyn plus Monument views, O2’s central setting within the neighborhood's iconic park is sure to inspire productivity and true blue-sky thinking.

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