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New Rosslyn McDonald's has definite "wow" factor

With cutting-edge features like mobile + kiosk ordering and the only in-house bakery in the region, it's anything but typical

Carlos Mateos, Jr., is a millennial, and he says he loves his tech. It's not surprising, then, that he's over-the-moon about the many high-tech bells and whistles that are part of the new McDonald's franchise he owns and operates at Central Place in Rosslyn. The restaurant opened May 9 to an enthusiastic reception from Rosslyn workers and residents who missed having the Golden Arches in the heart of the neighborhood.

"I love technology, and this new McDonald's represents me to a T," he says. "We use it to make the experience easier and more convenient for the customer." 

The Rosslyn location is a test market for mobile ordering, which McDonald's hopes to eventually roll out nationwide. Through the McDonald's app, customers order and pay for their food using a smartphone. They can place an order in advance, and it won't get submitted until they're within a certain geofence. Upon arrival, they can check in to alert staff that it's time to get their food ready. Mobile ordering will be available beginning Monday, May 15.

Mateos' McDonald's also offers kiosk ordering for fast and easy checkout, as well as table service. He says the service customers experience is another "wow" factor for his restaurant.

"You can see people making your food and it'll be brought right to you. You don't have to listen for your order. You don't have to clean up after you're finished eating. You're not going to feel like you're having fast food."

The Rosslyn McDonald's has several food offerings not commonly available at other locations. For instance, it's the only McDonald's among the Baltimore Washington Region's 700 restaurants that has a bakery in-house, with the closest one being in New York City. The bakery serves fresh muffin toppers, croissants, glazed pastries and more. The soda towers offer flavor shots so customers can make their drinks just how they like them. It has a separate McCafé counter. Soon, the restaurant will offer two special ice cream sundaes, as well: turtle brownie and strawberry shortcake.

For Mateos, opening a franchise in Rosslyn is special. His parents moved to the U.S. from Cuba many years ago, and established their first McDonald's franchise on Lynn Street in 1999. Now, Carlos and his father own 15 McDonald's locations throughout the area, including the one here. For the first time, Carlos, Jr., is listed as the primary owner. He thought it seemed fitting that he's opening his first McDonald's in Rosslyn just as his father did years ago.

Mateos says the new McDonald's is planning a Grand Opening celebration on June 10. Meanwhile, they are busy ramping up and bringing in new team members. They've been doing their hiring through Snagajob, a Rosslyn-based tech company that specializes in pairing hourly workers with employers.

"Snagajob has completely changed our hiring process," Mateos says. "We have such flexibility around how we can set up an interview. It's just been fantastic."

"We love working with McDonald's and are excited about the reopening of the Rosslyn location, which is a block from our D.C. corporate offices," says Peter Harrison, CEO of Snagajob. "McDonald's is on the cutting edge of technology. We're excited to partner with them as they continue to seek new ways to better engage with customers and workers alike."

Download the McDonald's app in iTunes or on Google Play.

To view a photo gallery of the Rosslyn McDonald's click here.

Photo at top: Carlos Mateos, Jr., poses with his father, Carlos Mateos, Sr., during the opening week of his McDonald's restaurant at Central Place in Rosslyn. The elder Mateos opened his first McDonald's franchise on Lynn Street years ago, and his son is proud to return here to open his own restaurant on the same street.

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