Take Advantage of Recent Transit Benefits Increase

Recent Federal Legislation Provides Significant Savings for Commuters in 2016

Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), Arlington County Commuter Services' business-to-business transportation consulting organization, reports that the recently enacted federal tax and spending package has significantly increased transit benefits for commuters.

The bottom line: Employers can now enhance their transit benefits package, offering up to $255/month, pre-tax, for each employee. Previously, the maximum allowable transit benefit was $130/month.

Keara Mehlert, a business development manager at ATP, says this benefit can be used for Metro, bus (including commuter buses) or van pool expenses. With access to all three of these modes of transport, many Rosslyn commuters will benefit from this increase.

Employers can also retroactively apply up to $255/month to employees who were spending more than what the previous $130/month limit would cover in 2015.

If your Rosslyn company does not provide a transportation benefit to employees, ask your human resources department to contact Arlington Transportation Partners to find out how to establish a transit benefits program. Email solutions@transpartners.com

For more detailed information on the transit benefit increase, check out this blog post from ATP.


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