We tried BASH Boxing!

Here's what we thought . . . 

One of Rosslyn's newest fitness studios, BASH Boxing offers a high-intensity strength and cardio workout that's different from your typical workout. 

BASH is located in Upper Rosslyn at 1550 Wilson Blvd. Last month, five of our staff trooped up the hill to BASH for a free workout with Fitness Instructor and Manager Alex Trakas.

First, the team at the front desk outfitted us with wraps for our hands. You have to buy these up front for $7 and then they're yours to keep. You put your boxing gloves over these, and they protect your joints and knuckles from injury.

The Workout

We entered the fitness studio space, which was dark and backlit like a dance club. Coach Alex gave us some preliminary instruction on different punches and combinations of punches we'd use. These were also illustrated above the mirrored wall behind her.

The workout itself felt like a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout: We did exercises like jumping jacks and high knees to get our heart rates up, then punched the bags using different combinations that Alex instructed us to use. We also did a few sets of floor exercises, such as bicycle crunches, push-ups and double leg lifts, as well as some exercises with hand weights, such as triceps extensions and chest flys. 

Most of us who took the class work out regularly, some at gyms and others independently. None of us had tried BASH Boxing before.

The music was loud and high-energy, which we found extremely motivating. Also, the fact that it was so dark in the studio enabled us to focus on ourselves and our own movements. If we were doing it wrong, no one could see us, so we felt less self-conscious.

Coach Alex demonstrates Aqua bag-punching during our free class at BASH Boxing. The studio's dark, club-like atmosphere and pulsating sound system made the class fun and energizing.

Punching Aqua bags was fun and more forgiving than punching a typical bag at a kickboxing class. For first-timers, it was somewhat challenging to get all the punching combinations right and to use the correct form after only a brief introduction from Coach Alex. If we were to become regulars at BASH, we imagine we'd devote some time to perfecting our form. We don't think we got it 100 percent right on the first try.

Coach Alex is a GREAT coach. She's clear and inspiring, and those of us who frequent fitness centers especially noted that she was exceptional.

 After the class, we felt good. We were sweating. We had worked hard! Of course, the sure indication that you've worked hard is when you're sore the next day. And we were—especially our arms! 

Would we recommend this class?

In short, yes. And we're not just saying that because it was free! The BASH experience was exciting and different. It is definitely not your run-of-the-mill, typical fitness studio. We released stress, we had a blast and we worked hard.

If you are a solitary runner type, BASH may be sensory overload for you. But then, we suspect you'd feel that way about any busy fitness studio environment. And even if you already have an exercise regimen like some of us do, BASH seems like a nice supplement to whatever else it is that you do on your own, be it running, cycling or weight training. BASH is definitely worth checking out.

BASH offers monthly memberships and class pack options. If you are a first-time BASH boxer, you will receive your first class free, but then you need to purchase classes, a package or a membership to continue.

To learn more, click here.

Photo at top: The Rosslyn BID team with Coach Alex Trakas prior to our first BASH Boxing experience.

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