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Rosslyn BID Announces Expansion of O2: Outdoor Office to Better Serve Workforce of the Future

Award-winning outdoor office innovation offers permanent solution to hybrid workforce, guides other communities across North America in implementation 

ROSSLYN, VA - (September 29, 2021) - Today, The Rosslyn BID announced the expansion of O2: Outdoor Office in Gateway Park, providing an innovative solution to meet the future of work. Following the successful launch of O2 in September 2020, and subsequent reopening in Spring 2021, the current expansion plans are focused on more permanently meeting the evolving needs of workers in Rosslyn and beyond.  

Remote work has been an overwhelming success for both employees and employers; however, the office is here to stay even though its role is evolving. According to PwC’s 2021 U.S. Remote Work Survey, over half of employees (55%) would prefer to be remote at least three days a week post-pandemic. Businesses and communities everywhere are trying to figure out how to optimize the hybrid workplace while balancing employee wellness and productivity. Rosslyn’s O2 2.0 is the new hybrid workplace solution now available to fill that gap.  

“The initial launch of O2 was focused on helping people get out of their homes in the middle of the pandemic and to offer an extension of the office environment and collaboration people were missing. But as the nature of work continues to evolve, leaders and employees alike are struggling to find balance”, said Mary-Claire Burick, President of the Rosslyn BID. “This expanded O2 was designed to provide a critical link between holistic wellness and productivity to better meet the future of work.”  

A key goal in this expansion is to incorporate year-round amenities into the park to make it more comfortable and conducive for individuals to use the park as a fresh-air workplace whenever the park is open, regardless of when O2 is staffed by the BID.  

During this Fall pop-up of O2, a Rosslyn Ambassador will be onsite to oversee safety, sanitation, and to provide additional amenities of those present during business hours. Additionally, during operating hours, Wednesday–Friday the week of October 11th, and Tuesday–Thursday for the weeks following from 10am–4pm, anyone using the space will be able to check out portable chargers, blankets, and more, free of charge. Upon request from businesses in the area, The Rosslyn BID can also set up specified meeting areas, supply tools and equipment, and cater to the unique needs of any team.  

O2 2.0 represents The Rosslyn BID’s commitment to stewarding the wellbeing of the Rosslyn community and a recognition of the benefits of outdoor public spaces. In fact, O2 is just the beginning. The organization is looking to expand amenities in a variety of public outdoor spaces, starting with bringing Wi-Fi to Rosslyn’s Central Place Plaza and Dark Star Park.  

“Since its launch, O2 has been a valuable part of my ability to find balance in the work week. Being able to work outside with access to everything I need in a clean, innovative environment made a huge difference to my productivity over the last year,” said O2 super user Sara C. “Hybrid work in my office will be ongoing, so I absolutely plan to continue using O2 and encouraging my friends and colleagues to do the same.” 

To kick off the O2 evolution, The Rosslyn BID is hosting a variety of events and activations throughout the month of October. A few of the events include:  

  • Regular happy hours | October 14, 15 & 28, 4-7 p.m. 

  • An outdoor bodyweight HIIT class with Gold’s Gym | October 15, 12-12:30 p.m. 

  • Yoga classes with Mindful Modern Living | October 13, 12-12:40 p.m. (afternoon stretch); October 19, 5-6 p.m. (Yoga after Work); October 26, 5-6 p.m. (Yoga Flow) 

  • Special giveaways from Compass Coffee, South Block & Snarfies pet treats | Stay tuned for details! 

In the last year, The Rosslyn BID’s O2 received the prestigious Downtown Achievement Award by the International Downtown Association (IDA). Many other BIDs and associations have since launched initiatives that follow O2 as an example, both nationally and abroad (including Downtown DC, New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada). 

For more information about Rosslyn BID’s planned activations for O2 this year, subscribe to the BID’s weekly e-newsletter and please visit:



Lauren Hovey