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Rosslyn Businesses

A Global Center for Business

Rosslyn offers companies the location and business amenities to flourish in a 21st century economy. As a premier center for business, Rosslyn enjoys an established and tight-knit business community, home to major household names, recognized technology brands, entrepreneurs in all stages of growth and a burgeoning cadre of professional services and creative firms. The neighborhood is home to over 1,000 businesses that employ over 20,000 people. 

Sitting in the heart of the region some of the largest global and influential companies have put down roots here, not far from the area’s most prestigious addresses, including the White House, U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. 

Powerful Connections

Employees are a key factor for all businesses, and access to skilled talent is the number one requirement that Rosslyn executives cite when meeting with the BID’s engagement team. Workforce also plays a huge role in companies’ real estate decisions; in fact, Rosslyn’s strong talent pool helped to drive Nestle’s relocation from California, as well as several other high profile HQ moves or expansions, including Grant Thornton, Politico, and Microsoft.

The BID’s Business Engagement Program supports these professionals, and all Rosslyn businesses, both new and established, with highly curated services, materials and activities. Our engagement team acts as a partner, consistently connecting our businesses to local and regional resources, a talented workforce and to each other.

The program provides HR professionals with the tools they need to welcome new employees, recruit from a diverse and highly qualified talent pool and keep employees at every level engaged.