Public Realm

The Soul of the Neighborhood

What is the public realm? It’s the streets, sidewalks, plazas, corners and parks of the city environment. It’s also the special elements that ensure an enjoyable experience for the pedestrian in these spaces—and makes them want to come back.

A properly planned and designed public realm puts the pedestrian first. The Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) thinks about the quality, comfort and aesthetics of the street as it’s planned. We envision an area that is clean and pleasant to be in, comfortable to walk through and that provides choices for pedestrians to sit, relax and people-watch where food, information and shopping is readily available.

The BID has undertaken numerous initiatives to help enhance the public realm including:

Public Space Activation

The BID has helped to create and activate street-side public spaces with its moveable tables and Adirondack chairs, encouraging residents, workers and visitors to enjoy Rosslyn.


The BID embarked on a Streetscape Masterplan featuring custom designed, contemporary street furnishings to engage pedestrians and enhance the sidewalk environment.


The BID’s landscaping initiatives can be seen throughout Rosslyn's streets, sidewalks and parks providing color and greenery year-round.

Public Art

The BID engages temporary public art projects to help solve urban design issues and provide points of interest and landmarks in the public realm. Rosslyn also exhibits numerous examples of the County's acclaimed public art.


Rosslyn's public parks are key assets punctuating the public realm. The BID works cooperatively with the county to activate and enhance these assets for enjoyment of their visitors.