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Office Evolution helps usher in a new era for Rosslyn’s business owners

The new business center takes short-term executive office space & coworking service to a new level

Whether you’re a large corporation looking to move into a new city, or an entrepreneur working tirelessly to get your business off the ground, lack of short-term office space should never be a barrier to success. This is the motivation behind Office Evolution, the flexible workspace solution with over 80 locations nationwide that just found a home in Rosslyn.

Located at 1530 Wilson Blvd, the business center is split between the first and sixth floors (suites 100 & 650), taking advantage of the building’s newly renovated lobby and common areas. (The picturesque views of the National Cathedral and the nation’s capital are an added bonus!) With 51 spacious private offices, two large team offices and two state-of-the-art conference rooms, Office Evolution Rosslyn has no shortage of space and amenities to make it an enticing option for Rosslyn’s workforce. But why Rosslyn and why now? The BID sat down with Office Evolution Rosslyn owner, Trey Hardin, and Business Center Manager, Christopher Brown, about their decision to settle in Rosslyn.

When a great idea finds the perfect location

If the last year and a half has taught us anything about the modern workforce, it’s that it requires flexibility. The Office Evolution model has embraced that flexibility in all facets of operation; from the entrepreneurs chosen to open franchises, down to the physical office space. As the largest independently-owned coworking franchise in the United States, they’re able to select leaders for each location that have a direct connection to the surrounding community. This allows for a model that prioritizes a sense of community and elevates local small business owners in the process.

Cue owner Trey Hardin. With a background spanning nearly 30 years in government, politics, lobbying, and public relations, Hardin’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to Office Evolution and his knowledge of the regional marketplace brought him to Rosslyn.

“Flexibility and convenience have never been more important to employers, employees, and entrepreneurs than they are today and will continue to be in a post-pandemic economy,” Hardin told the BID. “This region is home to our nation’s largest employer—the federal government, as well as many other active and growing industries who depend on continuity and stability during uncertain times. I am so excited to be in Rosslyn—the region’s epicenter of commerce and professionalism.”

Flexibility and convenience have never been more important to employers, employees, and entrepreneurs than they are today and will continue to be in a post-pandemic economy.

Trey Hardin, Owner, Office Evolution Rosslyn

A concept that meets the demands of the times

So what makes Office Evolution tick? With space available on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and long-term basis (with coworking and private office options), the concept is designed to meet the needs of the evolving workforce. That means that whether you need an office for the day to host clients, or are looking for a more permanent home for your business, Office Evolution has you covered.

The space features two contemporary kitchens—fully stocked with unlimited coffee, snacks, and beverages!

Not to mention, the setup is as functional as it is beautiful. Complete with a fully-equipped and sound-proofed podcast room, fitness center access, views of the Potomac and DC skyline, onsite cafe, and more, the brand new space is designed to give members a productive home base to grow their businesses. Plus, Rosslyn’s Office Evolution has Christopher Brown.

Following a single employee model, Brown is the location’s Onsite Manager. He is the go-to guy on a daily basis, accommodating members’ needs as their businesses evolve. Coming from a family of small business owners himself, Brown says that Office Evolution’s core values felt like a perfect fit.

"With my family empowering my entrepreneurial spirit, and owning a business myself, I was drawn to the way Office Evolution is focused on cultivating and elevating the small business owner,” Brown explained. "An environment that is encouraging for everyone from the solopreneur to the enterprise client was an inclusive model that spoke to me."

A flexible future for work in Rosslyn and beyond

This concept also creates a cross-section of networking that brings a wealth of knowledge and skill sets together, providing a collaborative atmosphere conducive to success. With Rosslyn being one of the fast-growing hub for business professionals in the nation, the flexibility of this workplace and location, as Brown put it, “fits the moment.”

As a result of the pandemic, it is clear the future of work has shifted in favor of a hybrid workforce that allows for more creative communication and options. Office Evolution offers a solution that puts power into the hands of individual business owners, leveling the playing field for small businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them. We’re excited to have such a forward-thinking company find a home in Rosslyn; welcome to the neighborhood!

Interested in setting up shop at Office Evolution? Contact Business Center Manager, Chris Brown, at 571-347-1010 or reach out online here.

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