Long-term Transportation Study

The Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) is partnering with Arlington County to conduct a long-term transportation study for Rosslyn that is considering more significant alterations to the street grid, such as making Lynn Street and North Fort Myer Drive two-way streets and making 18th Street pedestrian-only. This long-term study is slated to begin in spring 2017.

In the interim, the Rosslyn BID and Arlington County are engaging the community on how we can make quick and easy short-term changes to Rosslyn intersections that will improve traffic and pedestrian flow. We also want to enhance safety, make the neighborhood more attractive, and make better use of "dead spaces," such as traffic islands.  

More than 900 people responded to a survey conducted in March 2017 that asked them questions about how they get around Rosslyn and which intersections they feel are difficult to navigate, or that seem uncomfortable or unsafe. The results, coupled with outcomes from a March 4, 2017, Community Transportation Workshop, will help determine priority, short-term improvements. The goal is to begin implementing these changes by fall 2017. Check back here for updates.

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Useful Resources

Read Arlington County's Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study here. In the bottom right-hand column of this page, you can submit your email to receive regular Rosslyn transportation updates.

To follow up on the March 4, 2017, Community Transportation Workshop, we conducted a survey to find out more about workshop attendees. The graphs below break down attendees by zip code and place of business. They also provide insights into how frequently these individuals have participated in Arlington County Government public processes in the past. We were happy by the broad group of stakeholders who attended the workshop, and were especially pleased to discover that 22 percent of attendees had never before taken part in such an event. It was great to engage these individuals for the first time!

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