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In Site Plan Review Approved Under Construction Built

Sedona | Slate

1510 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington, VA, 22209


As part of the Sedona | Slate development, 84 naturally occurring affordable housing units totaling 92 beds were demolished and replaced one-for-one with 55 designated affordable units totaling 92 beds. Other community benefits include but are not limited to: Arlington County Community Services, Transportation Demand Management, and Telecommunications Master Planning contributions, sidewalk and bus stop improvements, a parking management plan, and a 31,917 SF open park area with public access easements. 

See Rosslyn Commons for the townhome portion of this redevelopment. 

Site Size: 1.75 acres
Housing Units: 474 rental apartments, 55 affordable​​​​
Residential SF:450,425 GFA, 363,588 RSF
Retail SF: 12,536
Community: 31,917 SF open park area
LEED: Gold
Year Built: 2013
Parking Spaces: 409

Owner: ASB Capital Management
Developer: JBG Smith

Click here for current Site Plan Committee schedule.

Click here for more information on the Site Plan public review process.