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Rosslyn welcomes PAINT Nail Bar, the nail salon that’s so much more

How this woman and veteran owned business is creating a much needed escape for Rosslyn’s residents

If you’ve fled your home office after a long day for some fresh air along Clarendon Boulevard, you might have noticed a new addition to the retail spaces that line the street. This fall, Rosslyn welcomed PAINT Nail Bar into the neighborhood as our newest, non-toxic, luxury nail salon. The BID recently sat down with co-owners Amber and Kevin Donohoo to discuss their decision to open up shop in Rosslyn, and how they’re taking the challenges of 2020 in stride.

PAINT settles in Rosslyn for a fresh start

As DC locals themselves, the Donohoos have always been fans of Arlington for the friendly atmosphere. So when they began property hunting in the DMV to open their own branch of the popular PAINT salon, settling in at 1520 Clarendon Blvd felt like a natural choice. Conveniently located, the mix of offices and residential buildings made for the perfect environment and clientele. Both Donohoos fell in love with the space, but knew the neighborhood was the selling point. 

An experienced business owner herself, Amber recognized the value of good neighbors when it comes to the success of your business, and saw Rosslyn as the perfect home for her next ambition. And after serving eight years in the United States Army, her husband Kevin was ready to join her to forge this unstoppable partnership. They’ve already ingrained themselves in the neighborhood, and are lifting up other businesses in the process (local favorite Barley Mac even catered their grand opening party!).

Come to relax, stay for the nails

So what sets this particular salon apart from the rest? Kevin says it’s simple, “We aren’t a nail salon, although we do nails…” Meaning, people aren’t just drawn to PAINT for the talented nail artists, but for the overall experience.

“We wanted to create a space that was more of an escape,” Amber told the BID. “People come to PAINT to relax, maybe have a glass of champagne, and then also get their nails done. It’s a comforting, safe environment for anyone that just needs a break.” (Yes, they even have their liquor license!)

In the future, the Donohoos hope that PAINT is viewed as more than just a nail salon, but also a fun, inviting event destination. Once it’s safe to do so, the salon will also host bachelorette (and bachelor!) parties, wedding showers, birthdays and more.

Health & safety have always been essential

But for PAINT, the emphasis has always been on safety. PAINT Nail Bar as a franchise has always practiced extreme hygiene, with single-use tools, pedicure basins that are sterilized between each use and instruments that are newly opened in front of guests. Plus, all of their products are non-toxic and fume-free — creating a healthier, lovelier atmosphere for guests and staff alike. COVID-19 protocols have only increased the Nail Bar’s standards, with the addition of plexi-glass barriers, mask requirements, physical distancing and much more

The future is bright for PAINT in Rosslyn

The Donohoos noted that the health and safety best practices were part of what drew them to the brand in the first place. They knew that in opening their own salon in Rosslyn, they were becoming part of a bigger picture that supported every member of it’s community from the very beginning. And though they’ve taken on the task of opening a new business in a more than challenging year, the Donohoos are confident about their future with PAINT and in Rosslyn. 

“It’s a tough year to say the least, but we’re well equipped,” Kevin concluded. “PAINT as a franchise is set up for success because it’s always practiced exemplary hygiene. We’re ready to make our home here, and feel prepared to not only weather the storm, but to thrive.”

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