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1700 N Moore Street
Suite 1925
Arlington, VA 22209
Telephone: 703-558-4960

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Conveniently located right above the Rosslyn Metro Station, OrthoVirginia (formerly Optimal PT) has dedicated staff who are eager to help you recover. Their highly experienced team of physical therapists offer specialized treatment services to help patients with pain, injury, or discomfort. At OrthoVirginia, we consider each treatment plan to be a partnership and collaboration between the therapist and the patient. 

They are proud to offer rehabilitation programs tailored to meet each patient’s goals and designed to achieve optimum function. With years of experience and extensive training, their physical therapists work with patients who are committed to following their treatment programs to return to a productive, healthy lifestyle. They never lose sight of the patient’s desired outcome as they focus on making every step of each treatment program count.

Recently, the experts at OrthoVirginia shared the following tips and tricks for maintaining health and wellness as we navigate COVID-19, and adjust to a work from home environment.

Maximizing your workspace while working from home

One way to help mitigate pain in our neck, shoulders and back while working from home is maintaining good posture, performing light stretching, and taking breaks. Here are a few tips to help you toward a pain free life while you work from home from the experts at OrthoVirginia:

  • Sit at a desk or table with a good supportive chair;
  • If necessary, place a small pillow or rolled towel in the small of your back to maintain a good upright posture;
  • Place your laptop or keyboard close enough to you so you don’t have to reach for it while using the table as support for you forearms;
  • Remember to take breaks to reduce stiffness in tension, specifically in your neck and upper back; and, 
  • Try these stretches that are available on our Rosslyn Wellness page

If you still find yourself experiencing pain or discomfort after following these tips and tricks, make sure to contact OrthoVirginia to schedule your physical therapy evaluation, which can be completed in person or through telehealth. Get in touch today to improve your posture and take steps toward a pain free life today! 

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