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E60 Fitness

1524 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209
Telephone: 703-351-7549


E60 Fitness is a specialized fitness studio with a proprietary HIIT class that merges several exercise concepts and unique custom equipment with heart rate technology to provide an exhilarating and effective workout.

The classes incorporate strength training, cardio training, and functional/athletic training and accommodate all fitness levels. On top of their flagship class (Elevate 60) they offer personal training and nutrition services. They also have open gym time where the facility is open for personal use. Due to their athletic and functional equipment, E60 attracts a lot of obstacle course enthusiasts and former athletes for their open gym hours, but class users are all over the spectrum.

Their group fitness classes, using health science as their foundation, are designed to maximize calorie burning while simultaneously strengthening muscle tone and increasing functional ability. During classes, each participant wears a non-invasive active health monitor that will provide statistics on their heart rate and caloric elimination and will be presented on screens in the studio so that progress can be monitored in real time.

Group fitness instructors direct participants through each phase of the workout, and provide the guidance necessary to ensure that proper form is being used to mitigate injuries and increase the effectiveness of each exercise.

Participants can choose from a variety of packaging and pricing plans. Single and multiple session passes can be purchased, or participants can choose to become a non-contractual member who can attend a specified number of class sessions per month based on their individual schedule.

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