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1850 N Moore St
Arlington, VA 22209

  Public Art

Public Art

Quill (2014) - Christian Moeller

N. Fort Myer Dr., 19th St., and N. Moore St.

This art work consists of 19,500 circular dot-elements attached to an aluminum surface. Light green during the daytime, the dots change color for a viewer in motion and glow at night. The glow is charged during the day and enhanced by ambient street and traffic lights.

Quill was created by Christian Moeller, an artist who works with contemporary media technologies to produce innovative and intense physical events, from handheld objects to architectural-scale installations. Over the past two decades, his work has been increasingly focused on the field of public art.

The artwork is a public benefit provided to the community by Monday Properties in conjunction with the construction of the skyscraper 1812 North Moore.

In partnership with Arlington Arts, Monday Properties solicited input on the kind of image people wanted to see on the busy corner. Many residents said they associated Rosslyn with strength, growth and a sense of movement. Using this feedback, Moeller created Quill, which represents the pattern made by the feathers of a bald eagle – a bird that for many signifies the same qualities thought to embody Rosslyn.

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