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Rosslyn Children's Center

1101 Wilson Blvd
Suite# 100
Arlington, VA 22209
Telephone: 703-524-0202


Since 1991, the Rosslyn Children's Center (RCC) has been guiding children’s learning through play, promoting the success of each individual child. Their experienced administrative team works alongside a dedicated and tenured teaching team to provide developmentally appropriate experiences that foster growth, curiosity and development for children birth through six. Each classroom is staffed with teaching teams to create a collaborative teaching approach that provides a rich learning environment.  

RCC's lesson plans are not necessarily driven by a calendar, but are determined by what is relevant and interesting to the children. Teachers who successfully work with this emergent curriculum must have not only a deep understanding of typical developmental stages and early brain development, but also the confidence, skills and experience to allow children to participate in their own learning.

RCC is located in the heart of Rosslyn, with their main entrance just past the Kent Street entrance to Freedom Park.

The RCC community is very active within Rosslyn. All classrooms visit Freedom Park each week, with older classes exploring our urban setting regularly, including visits to the Farmers Market, the sandbox at Gateway Park, and Rosslyn community events. Regular community events and weekend “Parents’ Night Out” events make for a tight-knit and welcoming community.

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