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Arlington Family Counseling Center

1600 Wilson Blvd
Suite 702
Arlington, VA 22209
Telephone: (703) 493-0902


Marcie E. Solomon MSW, LCSW, BCD, of Arlington Family Counseling Center has over 30 years of broad clinical experience. Ms. Solomon actively enlists her clients' own wisdom and strengths in developing strategies and solutions to the challenges inherent in parenting, couple/marital/pre-marital and other family relationships as well as challenges in the workplace. Therapy is not pathology or problem-based but rather it is oriented toward re-framing issues and developing new skills and competencies. The ultimate goal of greater self-confidence, meaning and satisfaction in life is reached through the gradual emergence of one's best self. Ms. Solomon believes that people seek therapy so that an objective, trained person can provide a calm, non-judgmental environment and really listen and help them sort and develop solutions to their concerns. Family systems theory provides the basis for understanding old patterns so better choices can then be made.Therapy is a partnership. Ms. Solomon likens herself to a coach and the client the team. Through empathic understanding and the teaching of techniques to lower anxiety and depression, clients are able to better express themselves and manage their individual and relationship issues with good practical solutions.

Arlington Family Counseling Center does not have a website, but Ms. Solomon is listed on the Psychology Today website.

–This information is from Arlington Family Counseling Center's Yelp page.

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