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Rosslyn’s Boutique Real Estate Experts 

FD Stonewater Offers Workers More Entrepreneurial,
Less Corporate Experience

From the ninth floor conference room of Rosslyn’s FD Stonewater, the view of the Potomac is impressive. Inside a clean, modern space that is also the company’s headquarters, a team of 20 workers provide real estate investment, development and services to corporate and Federal government clients.

The mood here is busy yet relaxed, smart but not stuffy. And that’s exactly how they like it. As a matter of fact, their quest for a younger, less “establishment” location is what drew them to Rosslyn almost six years ago.

“To us, DC felt very corporate,” says Joseph Delogu, a principal with the firm. “We have a young workforce, and Rosslyn feels younger, more up and coming, and has a bit of a tech edge. This reflected the sort of personality we felt the firm should be a part of.”

FD Stonewater is a boutique real estate investment firm. According to Principal David Alperstein, this means that they “use sophisticated strategies to create [their] own niche, whether it’s in investment, development, advisory services or brokerage.” With satellite offices in New York and Los Angeles, they have a national reach that’s unusual for a smaller firm. They describe themselves as “nimble” and “entrepreneurial.” They are proud to offer workers an alternative experience to the larger firms that tend to dominate their industry.

“Many people working here came from a bigger national firm or larger corporation and are looking for a different vibe,” says Alperstein.

Employees at FD Stonewater are college educated. Many have advanced degrees, such as an MBA or an MA in a technical area relevant for the real estate industry. Some studied engineering. Most are in their 20s and 30s.

“We do happy hours every month,” says Delogu. “We try to stay in the neighborhood. We like Continental and Heavy Seas.”

Delogu says most employees don’t do the traditional “Drive car, park in garage,” routine each morning: some bike, others walk and others take mass transit.

“Being in a location like Rosslyn, which has all of these commuting options, works for us,” he says. “Location and office space matter in our ability to recruit and retain. We appreciate that Rosslyn has become a living community.”

Alperstein agrees: “Rosslyn is much more of a 24/7 location than it used to be. It’s been evolving in such a positive manner.”

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Photo Captions: (TOP) Members of the team meet in their Rosslyn headquarters.
(SIDE): FD Stonewater staff enjoy a monthly happy hour at Continental in Rosslyn.
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