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The Boots on the Ground Behind Rosslyn Ready: Our Ambassadors!

Here’s what our Ambassadors have been up to in the neighborhood to make sure the community is safe and clean for your return, whenever you’re ready.

By now, you’ve likely heard about or seen our Rosslyn Ready program, designed to provide our community with resources to help our businesses, restaurants and residents adapt during COVID-19. At the same time, you may have noticed our purple-clad Ambassadors out on the streets, wiping down surfaces and helping keep Rosslyn’s public spaces clean.

Multiple times a day, you can find our Ambassador Team around Rosslyn cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surface areas, such as our trash receptacles, tables and chairs. In addition to the tasks the Ambassador’s have always taken on, including emptying trash bins, sweeping the sidewalks and serving as a resource for pedestrians, they have also added a series of new precautionary measures into their everyday routine. 

From regularly spraying down and disinfecting Rosslyn’s public areas, and power washing on the weekends, to the masks and gloves each Ambassador wears consistently, the program has kicked into high-gear to make sure our neighborhood is prepared whenever people decide to return. This has also meant a change from the typical two-shift format, with Ambassadors arriving for a morning or evening shift, to Ambassadors working on a staggered schedule throughout the day to meet the needs of our community.

Ambassadors also continue to serve as a resource for anyone in the area. While maintaining a physical distance, you can still find familiar faces like Mr. P around the neighborhood to answer any questions or brief you on everything the Rosslyn BID has been up to recently. With regular training from Block by Block, a company specializing in safety, cleaning and hospitality services, the Team is continuously updated on the most current protocols to keep themselves and the people of Rosslyn safe.

Alicia Duenas, our 2020 Ambassador of the Year, sanitizes a public seating area.

Maintaining a clean environment in the indoor space where the Ambassadors operate from has also remained a top priority. The work space is regularly disinfected, and Ambassadors sterilize all equipment (including our iconic purple truck!) before and after use, and breaks and start times are scheduled to ensure physical distancing.

While our typical summer and fall programming has had to transform dramatically this year, our Ambassadors have only increased their efforts to serve the Rosslyn community. And through it all, the Team remains in high-spirits. With all of the precautions they take everyday, the Ambassadors are a big family set on weathering this storm together. 

So if you see someone in a Rosslyn Ready purple shirt out and about in the neighborhood, be sure to give them a friendly wave (from a safe distance!), because they’re the reason we at the Rosslyn BID can confidently say we’re truly working everyday to be Rosslyn Ready.

For more information on everything COVID-19 related in and around Rosslyn, check out our regularly updated resource page.
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