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Meet Rosslyn's Marketing & Communications Manager

Karley is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Rosslyn BID. A native of another “R” city—Richmond, Virginia—Karley is proud to say that she now lives, works and plays in Rosslyn. Previously, Karley worked for the Environmental Defense Fund, promoting the positive corporate sustainability initiatives of companies such as Walmart and McDonald’s. What’s your role at the Rosslyn BID?

Karley Kranich: I get to come up with creative and impactful ways to publicize all the good that’s happening in Rosslyn! Rosslyn as a neighborhood is having a moment right now and you can see that in all the cool restaurants opening or the numbers of innovative companies choosing to be here. It really is the perfect place for businesses because of the location, talent pool and amenities. Can you tell I’m a Rosslyn fan?! What does your perfect day look like?

Karley Kranich: Definitely a warm (but not quite “mid-July summer in DC warm”) Saturday. Coffee, yoga at Core Power or a run near the Carillon to enjoy the view of DC, brunch at Open Road with friends, catching the sunset while kayaking on the Potomac and dreaming about where I’m going to travel to next in the world! Who is your role model(s)? Why?

Karley Kranich: The first two that come to mind are my parents. My dad’s passion has always been to design and build houses. He’s in his sixties now, but the man acts like he is 25! He does most of the building himself and I’m just so impressed by him and his drive to do what he loves every day. He is infinitely cool, creative and is always making cupcakes or something sweet for “his people.”

My mom is the definition of amazing. Her secret power is that she can have a conversation with anyone, anywhere. As a former TV anchor and weathergirl (back in the “Anchorman” days), she has a wonderful sense of curiosity and interest in learning what drives people. She is kind, courageous and everything you could want in a mom—and she is “Mom #2” to some of my closest friends.   

I try my best to be equal parts my mom and equal parts my dad, with a little bit of Leslie Knope for good measure. What do you like best about your job?

Karley Kranich: So many things! The commute takes the cake though because it went from 45-60 minutes to now only 15 minutes. Now, all of my favorite things—my gym, cool restaurants, my work, the river, a big city and the airport—are incredibly easy for me to get to in a few minutes. I also love getting to work with such smart, driven and kind coworkers. Justin, our Social Communications Manager (and my office roommate) makes me laugh every single day and is a wonderful strategic partner. But I can say that about every single person on the Rosslyn BID staff. They really are the best of the best! What has been your biggest accomplishment at the BID?

Karley Kranich: In my second month on the job, I developed the Rosslyn Jazz Fest run of show and co-hosted it in front of thousands of people (see picture to the left)! That was exciting and I can’t wait for the 30th anniversary, which is this year. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Karley Kranich: Lately, it’s been making cookies about once a week and then watching “Schitt's Creek” or the “The Great British Baking Show” for hours on end, while eating said cookies. I would like it to be known though that a recent New York Times article (“8 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself in 2020”) says that it’s important to “take time to do nothing at all”, so I’m only following that advice. What’s your philosophy toward work?

Karley Kranich: I’ve been trying to be fully “in the moment” in every interaction I have with my coworkers. Sometimes I think we all fall into a crazy getting things done productivity mode, where it’s hard to make time to be present. In reality, we need to make the time in order to build strong relationships both in our personal and professional lives. That’s something I’m more aware of in 2020. Other than that, it’s important to be kind and to have fun on the job! What are you good at?

Karley Kranich: My superpower is being able to write on behalf of someone else and have it sound like it’s coming from them. While this might sound like a weird plagiarism skill, it is actually what comes with a job in communications, and especially, helping people—and organizations—tell their stories. One of the moments I’m most proud of in my career is when I helped a military veteran explain on paper why a visit to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge helped her overcome depression. I will never forget the moment she told me that the blog post sounded just like how she’d talk about her experience with her friends…but better. Tell me your favorite podcast.

Karley Kranich: I absolutely love NPR’s “How I Build This.” Entrepreneurs and business owners are like heroes to me. Hearing how Whitney Herd started Bumble because of a need for a women-centered dating app; or how Tristan Walker started Walker & Company after discovering that a shaving product made for men of color didn’t exist, brings me so much inspiration. If I can be even a little bit more creative and bolder like these people, I’d be doing alright. What else should we know about you?

Karley Kranich: I love to travel and I’m a big environmentalist. Two years ago, I went to Thailand by myself for a month. As part of this trip, I went to a weeklong silent Buddhist meditation retreat and didn’t talk or check the news the whole time—which is a big deal for a communications professional!

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