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Meet Marketing & Communications Coordinator Brooke McClary

Brooke joined the BID team in March, and has only physically sat at her new desk for one day, due to COVID-19! We are thrilled to have Brooke on the team and even more thrilled to get to work with her in person at the BID offices in the future.

A Northern Virginia native, Brooke’s prior experiences span across the nonprofit, government and private sectors in marketing, communications and event planning. Get to know Brooke! What’s your role at the Rosslyn BID?

Brooke: I’m responsible for communicating all of the exciting happenings in Rosslyn to our community. In my role, I spend the majority of my time crafting messaging in the form of our weekly eBlasts, feature articles and website content that helps to keep our neighbors up to speed on local events, business updates, restaurant openings and more. Shameless plug to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to see what I mean! What does your perfect day look like?

Brooke: The beauty of Arlington is that with so much to do locally, no two days are the same! But if I’m designing my perfect day, it probably begins with a run on the Custis and Mt. Vernon trails along the waterfront. After a big recovery breakfast (I’m thinking Compass Coffee or South Block), I’d head out for a day on the Potomac with my friends and family. Finally, a sushi dinner and a show at the DC Improv Comedy Club to cap off the night. What do you like best about your job?

Brooke: Easy; the people! While I haven’t been with the BID for long, I have had the unique opportunity to start working with this team in the midst of COVID-19. Though this presents it’s own challenges, I’ve gotten to witness just how nimble and adaptable the BID team truly is. From my first few days on the job, the BID family welcomed me with open arms and allowed me the chance to hit the ground running. I’m truly grateful for the culture we have here, and can’t wait to see what’s in store! What’s your guilty pleasure?

Brooke: I am an absolute sucker for terrible TV. Everything from One Tree Hill to Desperate Housewives; if it’s a TV drama from the early 2000s, you can probably count on it being one of my favorites. Reality shows are also a particular vice of mine. I’m not proud of my affinity for arguably trashy programming; but what can I say, it’s part of who I am! What’s your philosophy toward work?

Brooke: As a member of the BID’s Communications Team, it should be no surprise that I believe in overcommunicating everything. It’s my job to help develop messaging that reflects a variety of different viewpoints and goals, so it’s crucial that I keep tabs on what my coworkers and the community is experiencing to make sure my writing is as accurate and inclusive as possible. To anyone starting out in their career, particularly in the communications field, I’d recommend keeping an open dialogue with everyone in your organization to ensure all your messaging remains unified. What are you good at?

Brooke: I think I have a particular talent for organization. I write down absolutely everything, usually in more than one place, and make sure my calendar and planner are aligned before I get my day started. I keep a pretty busy schedule, so calendars and color-coded notebooks are my best bet at staying sane. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this peek at my home office that I shared for our recent #RosslynatHome challenge. And feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn while you’re at it! What else should we know about you?

Brooke: There are two things that I consider to be pretty defining factors of myself, and the first is that I’m a huge animal lover. Any chance I get, I love hanging with the pups at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and doing what I can to help the animals there find homes. The second is that I consider myself to be a budding adrenaline junkie. I checked skydiving off my bucket list last year, and I’m hoping to check off bungee jumping next!

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