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15-Minute Cities Are Here to Stay

Rosslyn BID Survey Finds a Quarter of Americans Moved to a 15-Minute City Amid Pandemic and 41% Plan to Move in Near Future

Emerging from the pandemic, metro areas across the globe have been forced to reckon with changing habits and desires of their population. A trend that has been accelerated as a result of this evolution is increased popularity of the 15-minute city, which can be defined as “A city, town, or neighborhood where residents have access to their preferred amenities and services within a 15-minute or shorter walk, bike ride, or public transportation trip from their home.”

Rosslyn has been a 15-minute city for decades, and has evolved as a vibrant, mixed-use urban neighborhood. At the core of the community, the Rosslyn BID has acted as a convener for the last 20 years and has worked alongside County and developer partners to ensure smart growth and developments that bring in desired amenities.

As a part of continual efforts to keep pace with trends and desired amenities, the BID conducted a national survey to determine how Americans are evaluating the 15-minute city and what they value most in their neighborhoods. The findings highlight the growing popularity of the 15-minute city and its value to the average U.S. citizen.

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