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Rosslyn's LavaBarre offers clients a supportive community to help them achieve their exercise goals

When Lauren Price and Vanessa Ligorria opened their first barre studio in Clarendon in 2012, they wanted to create a motivating community where people could come to get a great workout and become their best selves. The studio was so successful that they soon outgrew the space, opening a luxurious Rosslyn boutique in 2015 offering not only barre, but also TRX, cycle and yoga.

Over the past two years, their top-rated LavaBarre fitness boutique has drawn diverse clients from throughout the D.C. area who appreciate the studio's welcoming feel, flexible scheduling and wholesome energy.

"A wide range of people work out at LavaBarre, from young professionals and students in their 20s and 30s to executives in their 50s," says LavaBarre Media Relations Manager Andrea Ferry. "We're about 90 percent female and 10 percent male. Our clients are at a variety of fitness levels, but they all mingle, which is great. Anyone can fit in here; it's a very nurturing environment."

Ferry says LavaBarre's instructors are top-notch, and help make the LavaBarre experience a positive one. They bring knowledge and passion to what they do, and make a point of catering to the needs of clients, whether they be elite athletes or individuals just getting back into exercising after a hiatus.

"We offer options — barre, TRX, yoga and cycling. We want clients to try each one and fall in love with something, not just like it," Ferry says. "If you weren't able to stick with a fitness program before, but then you come here and fall in love with something, you'll keep doing it."

LavaBarre member Sarah Choi says this is how it was for her. She joined the studio in October and found that she loved barre.

"I don't know if it's a self-hate thing. It's like that 'Hurts so good,' feeling," she says. "Barre is tough every time. In the beginning, just doing the warm-up made me out of breath. But I have this thing that when I start doing something I have to keep doing it. I like a challenge."

Choi works for Deloitte in Rosslyn and appreciates that the studio is convenient to her office. She lives in D.C. and shopped around before deciding LavaBarre was the place for her.

"I don't feel judged here, and some places are like that . . . a little snobby," she says. "It's very relaxed and everyone is very nice. No one makes you feel like, 'Your form is off. I've gotta talk to you!' People are accepting, and if you ask questions, they're very friendly. It's like a little community. You don't just come here, work out and leave. You get to know people."

Ferry says LavaBarre offers a variety of membership options. Staff work closely with new clients to match them with the best plan, whether it be an unlimited membership, a reduced membership that enables someone to come once or twice a week, or a package of 10-20 classes. The studio also provides amenities such as full-service locker rooms with towel service and Red Flower bath products. Ferry says clients should consider membership an investment in themselves.

"We want people to come check us out and experience the variety of classes we offer," she says. "They just have to show up and do their best. We're here to support them in reaching their fitness goals."

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