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Meet Rosslyn's Communications Director Maureen Goldman

Marketing and Communications Director Maureen Goldman joined the Rosslyn BID in October 2015. After growing up in nearby Fairfax, Va., Maureen spent her undergrad years in Chicago and ultimately returned to the D.C. area. She now lives in Arlington with her husband, cat and baby on the way.

Rosslynva.org: What does your perfect day look like?

Maureen Goldman: I’m usually busy floating from one activity to another – which is very fun! – but one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday is seeing where the day takes me when I have no plans. Recently my husband and I had a lovely day like this that let us get some things done around the house, relax and catch up on TV, nap, leisurely explore our neighborhood, cook dinner and bake some treats for dessert. I went to bed feeling both rested and accomplished and it was all done in the company of my sweet husband. The world needs more days like that!

R: What do you like best about your job?

MG: I love that working at the Rosslyn BID is always exciting. As we are a small, community-focused organization, I get to wear many hats and be involved in new, creative initiatives that have a direct impact on our neighborhood. One day may involve attending or helping to run an event while the next offers the chance to partner with Arlington County representatives. I get to use my brain in a lot of different ways and I feel both challenged and fulfilled, which is a blessing.

I also love working with my amazing colleagues. They are some of the most dedicated, smart and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I look forward to coming to work each day to get to catch up with them and collaborate.

R: What has been your biggest accomplishment at the Rosslyn BID?

MG: One of my first projects when I came on board was to revamp and relaunch our website. I absolutely loved this project as it involved strategic thinking, inter-departmental collaboration, and user-experience design. It was also a perfect way to really sink my teeth into all of our program areas and figure out how to make them accessible to our users online, both visually and through clear content. We continue to tweak the website as our content library grows and I love being able to measure our success as our site views increase. Not only do I love the way RosslynVA.org looks, but I believe in its greater value to reach our stakeholders. It was a wonderful project to work on and one that I get to continue each day.

R: What’s your guilty pleasure?

MG: When I need to unwind my brain, my favorite guilty pleasure is The Bachelor. Or really anything in that franchise. Yes, I admit I watch Bachelor in Paradise, too. Most of the time it is so silly that you can just laugh at it, but I also love that a few real couples have come together as a result of the show. It’s fun to watch them start their lives and grow their families together.

R: What’s your philosophy toward work?

MG: I try to work in a way that is smart, efficient and considerate. When managing larger-scale projects (or even placing a small order), if you proactively communicate deadlines and expectations it helps keep both you and everyone on task as all parties are clear as to what is expected. And I always try to be kind. I value the relationships I have with my colleagues, contractors, vendors and partners. I always try to remember that everyone is working hard at accomplishing his/her own goals. A little kindness goes a long way toward collaboration (and makes work more fun too!).

Maureen's Favorites

Singer/songwriter: Jon McLaughlin

TV show: Currently watching Parks and Recreation

Book: The Great Gatsby

Movie: Titanic 

Color: Pink (and purple is a close second!)

Musical: My Fair Lady

Food: French baguette

Morning Drink: Decaf coffee with milk and sugar

Website: Amazon.com (You can literally find ANYTHING you need there.)

Photo at top: As communications director at the Rosslyn BID, Maureen enjoys wearing many hats, including that of emcee for the Rosslyn Jazz Fest this year.
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