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Rosslyn Community Planning and Development

The future is bright in Rosslyn!

It is an exciting time in Rosslyn — with several mixed-use developments underway or planned, each of these projects will bring additional housing, new retail, countless community amenities, and billions of dollars in investment to the neighborhood.

And that’s not all! Arlington County has several multimodal transportation projects in the works throughout Rosslyn. The County has also committed to a robust Master Planning and community engagement process to envision the future of Gateway Park and Arlington’s Potomac River access.

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1900 Fort Myer Drive | The Key, Former Rosslyn Holiday Inn       

Dittmar Company

1820 Fort Myer Drive | Ames Center   

Snell Properties

1901 North Moore Street | Rosslyn RCA

Jefferson Apartment Group

1401 Lee Highway | Key Bridge Mariott  

Woodbridge KB/Duball

1616 Fort Myer Drive | Xerox Site           

TIAA/Nuveen (Under Review — Site subject to Arlington County's 4.1 process and SPRC review)


Major Community Planning Initiatives

Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study

Arlington County's Transportation Division, in partnership with the Rosslyn BID, conducted the Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study to examine the feasibility and potential impacts of permanent changes to Rosslyn’s street network. The study’s primary goal was to improve safety and accessibility for all users  walking, biking, using transit, and driving.

In 2019, after two years of thorough analysis and public engagement, County staff finalized the study’s Preferred Alternative. This alternative lays out a set of projects to be built by 2030 that will further enhance Rosslyn’s walkability and advance the neighborhood’s multimodal transportation vision outlined in the Rosslyn Sector Plan.

Gateway Park Master Planning & Visioning

Located in the heart of Rosslyn, Gateway Park provides respite, connecting over 12,000 residents, 30,000 employees, and countless visitors to nature. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of prioritizing our public parks and open spaces to support the health and well-being of our community, particularly in dense urban communities.

With the goal of redesigning this under-utilized jewel within Arlington’s Park system, the County is planning to advance Gateway Park’s long-awaited Master Planning & Visioning efforts. This process will include robust community engagement opportunities intended to help guide the County’s future vision, project phasing, and design concepts for this three-acre park space.

As the County advances toward Gateway Park’s longer-term construction activities, the Rosslyn BID will remain committed to hosting seasonal programing, piloting creative adaptive reuses, and implementing shorter-term enhancements, such as the Interim Dog Park, to activate this public amenity and create a more welcoming “Gateway” into Arlington County!

Expanding Rosslyn's Potomac River Access

Did you know it is a 12-minute walk from the Rosslyn Metro to Theodore Roosevelt Island? It has been a longtime goal of the County to increase access to the Potomac River, one of the area's most treasured natural resources. The National Park Service (NPS), in coordination with Arlington County, have agreed to analyze a proposed community boathouse and related facilities which would offer the public direct access to waterfront, recreation activities, and educational opportunities in Rosslyn.

Acknowledging the monumental responsibility of planning Arlington’s waterfront, Arlington County is planning to kick off a robust community engagement process to further evaluate the site’s potential uses, users, and design consideration with the ultimate goal of expanding river access for all Arlingtonian. The proposed site’s proximity to Arlington’s regional trail network and Rosslyn’s multimodal transportation hub, would also make this site a convenient and accessible destination for the broader DC Metro area to visit!

Stay Engaged!

Interested in learning more about Arlington County’s major planning efforts in Rosslyn? As part of Arlington’s 10-year Capital Improvement Plan process, the County will be seeking community input this summer on the proposed planning strategies, long-term investments, and tentative implementation of these projects, and many more throughout Arlington County. Share your feedback and learn more here.

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