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Fitness & Wellness Activities in Rosslyn

Check out this comprehensive list of activities to keep you active and engaged, in and around Rosslyn!

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Rosslyn as your outdoor gym

1. Stair Repeats | 30 MIN / 12 SETS
  • Find the 10 flights of outdoor stairs on North Nash St between Key Blvd and Langston Blvd.
  • Warm up by jogging around the block and stretching.
  • When you’re ready, run up the stairs and slowly walk back down to recover.
  • Repeat as desired.
2. Hill workout with a refreshing ending | 10 MIN / 1 SET
  • Start at the intersection of Wilson Blvd and N Kent St.
  • Head up the north side of Wilson Blvd, using streetlamps to measure distances. Walk from streetlamp to streetlamp, then sprint the same distance, then walk. Continue up the hill, using streetlamps to track your intervals. By the time you reach Oak St, you’ll have done 7 sprints.
  • Stay on the north side of Wilson Blvd (same side as Safeway) and continue your intervals until you reach Pierce St to get 11 sprints in!
  • No matter how far you go, plan to stop at South Block for a healthy smoothie or açaí bowl to help you recover.
3. Strength circuit in Gateway Park | 7 MIN / 1 SET
  • Box Jumps | 10 x | use half wall in lawn as platform
  • Side Planks | hold for 30 seconds on each side
  • Calf Raises | 25 x | balance using a wall or stairs
  • Forward Lunges | lunge the width of Gateway Park
4. Pyramid cardio circuit in Freedom Park | 7 MIN / 1 SET

Freedom Park is a two-block long elevated park sprinkled with benches, gardens and trees. It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle for a quick workout.

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 30 Bicycle Crunches
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Bicycle Crunches
  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 10 Burpees
  • Rest for one minute and repeat two more times.

Biking in Rosslyn

Rosslyn's Capital Bikeshare
1. N Rhodes & 16th St N
16th St N
2. Clarendon Blvd & Pierce St
Pierce St
3.  Wilson Blvd & N Quinn St
Quinn St
4. N Lynn St & Fairfax Dr
N Lynn St
5. Wilson Blvd & Ft Myer Dr
Fort Myer Dr
6. 19th St N and Ft. Myer Dr
19th St
7.  Rosslyn Metro / Wilson Blvd & N Moore St
N Moore St
8.  Wilson Blvd & N Oak St
N Oak St
9.  Theodore Roosevelt Island
Bike Trails to Explore

Custis Trail

Access the Custis Trail at the intersection of Langston Blvd. and Lynn Street in Rosslyn. Head west along the trail for four miles and connect with the W&OD Trail.

Mount Vernon Trail

Access this 18-mile trail at the intersection of Langston Blvd. and Lynn St., then head south along the Potomac River. You'll ride past Memorial Bridge, Gravelly Point, and Reagan National Airport. Once you've hit the airport, you can link up with Four Mile Run Trail or continue on to end at the trail's namesake.

Run, Walk & Roll

Lunch time or post-work run
Woods Trail Map
Run 1 | 1.5K+ 
Highlights Iwo Jima and Mount Vernon Trail along Potomac River.
Run 2 | 5K 
Starts in center of Rosslyn and loops around Roosevelt Island and Gateway Park.
Run 3 | 3.5 MI 
Starts in Rosslyn, crosses Memorial Bridge and Key Bridge, ends in Gateway Park.
Run 4 | 4.5 MI 
Scenic route through Rosslyn.
Theodore Roosevelt Island Trails
Woods Trail Map
Woods Trail | 1/3 MI
This short, trail passes through the heart of the island, including the memorial plaza with its statue and fountains. It is paved with pea gravel.
Upland Trail Map Upland Trail | 3/4 MI
This trail traverses the length of the island. It passes though forest and loops around the former site of the Mason mansion.

Swamp Trail | 1.5 MI
This loop trail is the island’s longest. It passes through swampy woods and cattail marsh. The trail is part pea gravel and part boardwalk.


Rosslyn Power Mile | 1 MI 

Hills and some stairways, skywalks and building interiors. You’ll experience Rosslyn’s majestic vistas, bold skyscrapers and cultural attractions during this walk (courtesy of WalkArlington and/or Arlington Arts). 

Monumental, Interactive, & Fun: Public Art in Rosslyn | 1.5 MI

Some hills. Highlights include monumental sculptures, an LED artwork and Dark Star Park (courtesy of WalkArlington and/or Arlington Arts).


Take a breather

Here is a list of the top spaces to stop and take a mindfulness break.

  • Sunshine filled Gateway Park
  • Under a shady tree at the Iwo Jima Memorial
  • Quiet bench in Freedom Park
  • With the art in Bennett Park Atrium
  • In nature at Theodore Roosevelt Island
  • Surrounded by Nancy Holt’s Dark Star Park sculptures

Looking for some extra motivation? Try group classes, personal training, open gyms, and more across Rosslyn! 

 Featured Rosslyn Events

Rosslyn FRESHFARM Farmers Market
Wednesday, May 1 - Wednesday, October 30
at Central Place Plaza

Trail Tuesdays with Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail
Tuesday, May 14 - Tuesday, September 10

Rosslyn Cinema
Friday, June 7 - Friday, June 21
at Gateway Park