Rosslyn’s right-hand woman

Meet Executive Assistant & Special Projects Coordinator, Pauline Pereira

Pauline Pereira joined the Rosslyn BID team in June of 2021 and has hit the ground running! Originally from a small city outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Pauline has been a U.S. resident since 2014 and has called Arlington home for the past four years.

Now a Rosslyn local, Pauline’s role as the BID’s Executive Assistant & Special Projects Coordinator helps keep our whole team on track for the various events, programs and initiatives we juggle throughout the year. Not to mention, she’s essentially BID President Mary-Claire Burick’s right-hand! We’re so excited to have her (and her organizational skills) onboard. Get to know Pauline! What’s your role at the Rosslyn BID?

Pauline: As the Executive Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator, I’m tasked with supporting the BID’s President, Mary-Claire Burick, in several aspects of her work and daily routine. I also serve as liaison to our Board of Directors, ensuring communications remain efficient between the staff and our governing body and coordinating Board Meetings and related events. Aside from that, I also work with the BID’s awesome staff on any projects in which they might need special assistance. Who is your role model? Why?

Pauline: Without a doubt, I’d have to say my mom! I look up to her not only as an incredible woman, but also as a professional. She raised me and my two sisters basically on her own, all while growing in her career and making a positive impact in the lives of those she worked with. She inspires me so much, and we are so alike that I followed in her footsteps in working as an Executive Assistant. She’s been in the field for almost 30 years and is a constant source of good advice and encouragement! What do you like best about your job?

Pauline: I moved to Rosslyn about a year ago and immediately became a big fan of the BID when I experienced firsthand some of the work and creativity put towards making our community more vibrant and engaged. That, added to how welcoming, dedicated and fun all of the staff are, makes it safe to say that just being part of this organization is highly motivating and fulfilling. I also love how dynamic my job can be and how there truly is never a dull moment at the BID. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Pauline: Sugar and carbs! Ha! I try really hard to maintain a healthy diet, but usually find it really difficult to say ‘no’ to sweet treats and baked goods. I am originally from Brazil, with an Italian background in my family, so I grew up around a lot of delicious foods and condensed milk-based desserts. YUM! What are you good at?

Pauline: Connecting and communicating with people and making them feel heard, helped, and valued. I love serving and helping people in my personal and professional circles, so when it comes to my work life—no surprise, I have a vocation for teaching and for assisting those who need it most. Being a ‘people person’ also helps a lot in dealing with customers and working in team settings. What else should we know about you?

Pauline: I am a total dog mom! My partner and I adopted our dog, Paco, during the pandemic and since then I’ve been one of those shamelessly-obsessed pet parents. I have thousands of pictures of Paco on my phone and am very willing to show them off to anyone who asks.

Pauline, her partner Andrew, and their handsome rescue-pup, Paco!
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