Cold-Weather Cycling Tips

We loved the statistic BikeArlington shared with us about bike commuting: The average bike commuter loses 13 pounds in their first year of riding to work. Data like this makes us wonder why everyone isn’t hopping on a bike! The recent announcement that Arlington County had set aside $300,000 to plow bike trails during what is expected to be a snowier-than-usual winter will make commuting by bike even more viable in cold months.

For those of us who avoid outdoor exercise in cold weather, Brendan Casey of Arlington Transportation Partners, who gets around town every day on his bike, had some great tips on keeping a cycling routine going, year round:

  • Wind management is key to staying comfortable while riding in colder temperatures. Practice layering so you can adjust the amount of clothing you are wearing depending on how warm you are. Be sure you have a layer to block the chill of the wind.
  • Wear a headband or balaclava to protect your face and ears from the wind. (For instance, here are some options available at Eastern Mountain Sports, which has a store in Clarendon.)
  • Be sure you wear gloves that allow you to control the brakes and shifting.

BikeArlington also created a terrific infographic with their tips on cycling in cold weather! 

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